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An Assured Shorthold tenancy is usually for a minimum fixed period of six months.


Rent is payable as per the terms of the Tenancy Agreement and it will be your responsibility to ensure that the rent is paid on the due date.


A deposit will be payable by you at the commencement of the tenancy and will be held by Thomas Charles and registered with The Dispute Service. The balance of the deposit will be returned to you, subject to the cost of any dilapidations.


The Landlord’s insurance policies cover the structure and his own furniture and effects left in the property but do not extend to goods belonging to you. Therefore you will need to arrange for your own contents insurance.


You will receive an inventory showing a complete list of contents together with a note of their condition and additional photos. We will ask you to check through the contents of the inventory and advise us in writing of its acceptance.


You will be responsible for advising us of any equipment, fittings or any part of the structure, which becomes defective in any way or requires attention. You will not be allowed to instruct contractors directly or you may be liable for the costs.


We carry out periodic inspections on behalf of the Landlord. These inspections are made by prior arrangement.


You will be responsible for the upkeep of the gardens unless there is a maintenance contract in force. The condition of the garden and gardening equipment will form part of the property inventory.


Please remember that you will be responsible for ensuring that no damage occurs to water pipes, fittings, furniture etc., as a result of frost.


It is normally your responsibility to arrange directly with the relevant authorities to transfer supplies and services into your name, including gas, electricity, water and Council Tax.


You will need the following fees if you wish to rent a property through ourselves:-

  • A deposit – usually equivalent to one month’s rent.
  • Rent – usually one month’s in advance
  • Tenancy Agreement/Inventory/Referencing Fee/Registering of your deposit with the TDS - for your share of preparing the necessary legal documentation and inventory, along with undertaking the necessary references - the minimum fee is £250.00 plus VAT. This fee is Non-refundable. (see individual properties for admin fees)
  • Guarantor – if required will need to be a homeowner, with full employment. An additional charge of £60.00 + VAT will be charged for this.